What is a Live auction?

A live auction is the online broadcast of an auction taking place in the saleroom. Auction.fr's live technology enables you to follow an auction from home and bid in real time, just like the bidders in the room.


There are two ways to bid on the Live sales published on Auction.fr:

  • live, during the auction: your bids will be announced and taken into account by the auctioneer as if you were in the room ;
  • by placing automatic absentee bids: placed by our technology within the limit of your maximum bid, the absentee bids (whose amounts are not revealed to the auctioneers) are the ideal solution when you cannot follow the sale live in front of your screen. In fact, you can place automatic absentee bids before the lot you are interested come up for auction, even if the sale has already started.

To find out more, see our "How to bid" section.


Note: In France, the term 'auctioneer' is used in everyday language. For more information on the official terminology in France, see this article.

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