Confirm your identity : why and how?

Auctioneers are subject to certain obligations relating to combating money laundering and financing terrorism. In particular, they must be able to identify their customers.

Confirmation of your identity is offered when you register for a sale for the 1st time, from 07/06/2023. When you register for a sale, in addition to the usual steps, you will find a 5th step: identity.

Can't see the identity confirmation step? This will first appear to new registrants, and will gradually be presented to all our customers in chronological order, according to the date your account was created.

Checking your identity will only take a few minutes!

To guarantee optimum security, we are working with our partner Stripe, a specialist in online identity verification.

It takes place in 3 stages:

  1. Choice of device

In this first step, you will find all the information relating to the collection and use of your biometric data by our partner Stripe. You can find their Privacy Policy and click on Learn more to find out about how Stripe manages and stores your data at any time.

Choose whether you want to register via your mobile phone or via the device you are on.

If you choose to "continue on a mobile device", a QR code will appear so that you can scan it from your smartphone and continue confirming your account.

If you choose "continue on this device", you will move on to the next step.

  1. Choice of verification mode

There are several ways to check your identity.

By selecting "Take a photo with your phone", you'll see a QR code that you can scan from your phone. This will allow you to carry out the next steps from your phone.

By choosing "Take a photo with your webcam", you will need to authorise our partner to temporarily access your webcam. This will allow you to take a photo of your identity document.

By selecting "Upload a file", you can choose a document to upload from your computer or smartphone.

  1. Choice of identity document

You can choose the form of identification that will be used to confirm your account from two options:

  • Passport
  • Identity card

Identity document options are proposed according to your country. For example, as the UK does not have official identity cards, you will not be offered this option if you are from the UK.

Make sure you have to hand the document you want to use, and click "Next". You will then be able to upload or take a photo of the ID you have chosen, depending on the verification method you selected in the previous step.

You don't have the time to do this now? We give you 1 month to validate your account. After that, the step will become compulsory, and you will no longer be able to register for a sale without validating it.

How do I change my information? Once your identity has been verified, your surname, first name and date of birth can no longer be changed in your account.

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