What is an alert? How do I create or delete an alert?

Auction.fr offers you a free and unlimited keyword alert service. You can be notified by email when a new lot likely to interest you is published on our site.


To do this, simply go to the Alerts section. You will then be able to enter your chosen keywords (names of artists, brands, or types of objects).





To get the most accurate alerts, we advise you to use inverted commas to create an alert based on the exact keywords you have specified (e.g. "Romanesque", "cabriolet armchair").
You can also exclude certain terms from your alerts by using a dash (for example: picasso-citroën means you can exclude cars from your alerts).
You can also use an asterisk for a more general search (e.g. medal* will search for medals as well as for medallions).


You can modify or delete your alert at any time in this same section.



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